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Sale season

I came to Kuwait just in time for the SALE SEASON! Woohoo!

I’m not making this post to show off but to share with you our good finds from our favorite stores like Bath & Body Works, Victoria’s Secret and River Island.

So to you girls who loves shopping and the sale season like me, hurry up and hit the malls while there are still great items on stock.

Here’s my mom and my sister’s shopping spree at Bath & Body Works:

My mom and sister went crazy over Bath & Body Works. They took so long in there, an hour wasn’t enough. Girls will be girls!

As you can see, I like this shower gel because it has a cute design.

The tube container of this moonlight body cream is just so pretty. I just love the mixture of the colors.

I like Bath and Body Works’ products. They have pretty good scents that don’t make you nauseous and they actually last.

I’m a sucker for scented candles. So when we tried B&BW’s, I was impressed. We fry a lot at home and seriously, it feels as if the exhaust fan isn’t working, the smell stays. But when we use the B&BW’s scented candles,  it eliminates the smell. It becomes more soothing to the nose.

So moving on to the next items..

I bet you know what store this is! 😉

Oh yeah. You got that right!

Girls went gaga over VS as they marked down to really good prices. You can see almost every girl in the mall carrying a Victoria’s Secret goodies bag. I mean what’s not to love from VS?

Though some of their bags and wallets that they have included in the sale, which I really like, were still a bit too expensive. Well for me, at least.

Because I’m too infatuated with the make up kit, I didn’t bother to include the VS lotions in the picture. Hahaha

I was very excited to take it out from the box and show it to you guys!

It has a lot of pa-tweetum shades. Hahaha (Na-linyahan ng sister ko yung lip color!)

I’ll show you a picture of me when I use this VS make up kit. I’ll make a review about it soon! Super psyched!

Now here are my River Island loots!

Isn’t it cute? Blair Waldorf lang ang peg.

Headband. Before this year ends, I’ll learn how to accessorize.

So how about you? What are your great finds this sale season that you’d like to share?