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Pretty Girl Rock

Kind of getting the feeling that I should stop going to the mall for a while.. Haha!

As early as now, I want you to know that after this post I will be blogging the other items I bought recently, of course, related to this.

And because not all of you have seen me change through the years, from being a young carefree butch to a more image conscious person. Here’s a short story of my still ongoing effort to look better:

When I turned 16, I started trying to fix myself.. the way I looked. During my first year in college, I’d spend at least five to ten minutes in front of the mirror to put eyeliner and mascara on. Then after two terms of my first year, a friend of mine said I looked like I was dying because in her eyes I was still too pale.

And because of that comment, I had the drive to put eye shadow on. For a while, I had this blue and purple eye shadow phase. Yet another comment arose. Another comment said by an acquaintance. She said, “The colors are good. Next time try to blend them to make it look smooth.”

When I turned 17, I made sure I knew how to blend it already. I also started doing the “winged” eyeliner thing and applying face powder but I still looked trashy. Oh and I had that messy emo(?) haircut which back then I thought was actually pretty cool.

So when I finally turned 18, I pressured myself to act and look like a lady. I started buying more make up, floral tops and girly shoes. I was trying too hard. When I got back from my summer vacay in Kuwait, I thought that that was it! I was almost there but I thought wrong. I still went back to my old ways.. Though to make that year different I had a bit of my hair bleached.

On my 19th, I got my brows done. I sensed that I needed to get rid of that bushy uni-brow. And boy! Trying to be a lady was and is still a drag. This time I needed to focus on one thing before I tried doing something else. I watched more of them make up tutorial videos on Youtube and I tried different brands of make up just so I knew which worked better for me.. I also got rid of my bleached hair and because of that, I got bored of it. Out of boredom, I had an undercut on both sides.

I didn’t know if that was a good move for me considering I have a very round face but what the hell.. It was already done! Some said, it suited me and some said it didn’t. To give it more edge, this time instead of getting it bleached, I had a bit of my hair dyed red.

.. somehow I looked like a tomboy from afar. Haha!

Before the big TWO ZERO hit me, I had my hair dyed to brown for reasons I cannot share. After turning 20, I started using foundation. The neckline of my shirt became more revealing. Chos! I was becoming more maarte. My 5-10 mins of preparation wasn’t enough. I had to at least have an hour or two to prepare.

(17 – 20) Seriously, what was I thinking?

Now that I’m 21, I want to be decent looking. I want to lessen wearing tee’s and more of those blouses and dresses. I want my feet to love heels no matter what! I want to be more confident in myself even if I’m too curvy in four sides. Though, for a change I want to be fit also. I will strive to be pretty inside and out and put a little more effort into accessorizing (It’s a step by step process, so sa susunod naman ang pag papapayat hehe). Naks!

With my mum and my sister.

I think it’s healthy to tell yourself everyday that you’re pretty. For me, it’s an ego booster. So, no hatin’ if I think I’m fly like Keri! Haha

♪♫♪ “If you know it too then ladies sing it with me” ♪♫♪