Picture perfect!

Two of my awesome friends posted this on my Facebook wall as a birthday gift:

Thank you, Ciarra! 🙂 And yes, I got both sides shaved before.

The next picture of me will absolutely make you laugh.. No doubt about that!

Sisa is the master of repetition. Thank you for the extra brows!

See.. I told you so! Haha

Well, that’s about it! Til the next post! 🙂



In between the celebrations, I also got the chance to hang out with my HS friends from PIES. We bonded for a week! No joke.

Day 1:

Because I couldn’t go meet them in Trinoma. They came over to my pad instead.. Oh and that’s Jacobe with make up on hahaha

Day 2:

The next day, over lunch, the girls decided to be spontaneous.

Night swimming at Bosay Resort, Antipolo!

Day 3:

We were there til 6am!

As Rhoda was too tired to drive we decided to rest at Jonas’ place for an at least an hour. We had breakfast there, too!

But things didn’t go as planned..

This is what happened after eating the food that Jonas cooked and served..

We just had to.

Day 4:

We slept over at Jonas’ place. We started the day right by drinking GSM blue.  However, Jacobe had to leave early because he had things to do back at home and we couldn’t persuade him to stay.

Day 5:

We could have stayed another day at Jonas’s if only he and his mom didn’t have to be somewhere else that day..

Our last day at Jonas’ humble abode! 😦

After pigging out we headed over to Krystel’s house in Pasig.

Because we had nothing better to do..

Went to McDonald’s in/near Tiendesitas..

Day 6:

We left Krystel’s  at 2 something in the afternoon. We were all in a hurry because we had other plans that day.

Day 7:

Rhoda, Krystel and Ria came over again to swim at my place.

Vain eh. Oh and that drawing over there was drawn by Krystel’s friend. Breath taking, isn’t it?


V.A.G. 2012

As I’ve said earlier..

The VAG celebration this year was also simple and different.

It was pretty much tamer and intimate compared to the previous VAG parties. If you’re wondering what VAG is, it is the party we host (Marie, Jenny and I) before the month of May ends. It’s our tradition, it’d be weird not celebrate it!

Happy 21st to us!

Richard, Ano nangyare sayo?

Naduduling si Matt pag lasing!

When Matt gets drunk.. He doesn’t only go cross-eyed, he also kisses girls randomly. So BEWARE! Haha



Kuma-CAPTCHA pose!

David and Nicolai

Ang cute niyo!

Blowing of the candles..

Haaaaay Matt!

Medyo wasted na ang mga tao neto!

As you can see the party was a SUCCESS! Haha

Thank you to those who came. See you guys next year! xoxo


Hey guys!

I know I’ve been on hiatus ever since the countdown of my birthday. Just so you are informed; my birthday went well… Thank you very much! I spent it with some of my close friends from college. We had dinner at Super Bowl and watched 21 jumpstreet at Glorietta.

Thank You, Super Bowl! 🙂

Thank you Aje for taking the picture. Ehehe

And then after that we headed to the Fort to drink at Bugsy’s..

That’s how we calichorva girls do it!

Dahil sa Tequila yan!

and at Izumi..

Syempre, dapat present si Jack!

Whatta face! Hahaha

Before going home..

So yeah, this year my birthday was simple and different. 

And so was the VAG celebration. But more about that on the next post! Teehee

“All I wish is for everything to fall into place”

18 days left til my 21st birthday and still I have no plans whatsoever on what to do to celebrate it and also on what to post here but luckily there is this heartfelt poem written by my friend that I’d like to share with you.

No Dots, No Periods

It’s been almost a year when I gave up,
And it’s been almost a year when I screwed up
I’m really sorry girl if I left you hanging
But being with you gives me a really different feeling
On the other hand, keeping you makes things complicated
I’m being selfish in keeping you from all the things you needed
Nobody knows what I really feel
Behind those smiles, I’m really ill
It’s hard to read me when I don’t feel good
Because when you look at me I’m always in the mood
What you don’t know is that I think of us every night
Reflecting on how to make things right
I have the smile,
That catches your eye
You have those expressions,
That keeps me in your possession
I have the wit,
That knocks you of your feet
You have a heart,
And this is the most beautiful art
All I wish for is for everything to fall into place
but it seems that im the one who is out of place
I know what I really want in the future
But I’m being blinded of the present, and it’s a torture
I need to put myself together
So that our smiles would be forever
They say there is no such thing as forever
But I’m telling you that I’m ready to do whatever
No dots, no periods
Because I know that we will never end

I like this poem because it’s very honest and very straight to the point. It’s simple yet touching and sad but will also make you smile. I like it because I’ve never seen this side of my friend before and I’m happy because he’s trying to express his deepest feelings by writing it down. I’ve never given him compliments before so I guess that’s enough. Baka lumaki ulo, eh! But I’m really proud of him, writing and expressing, is something I cannot do. Seriously.

Honestly, I don’t know what love is.. Chos! All I know is that it is complicated.

BTW, This year I claimed it to be MY year and one of my wishes are “for everything to fall into place” thus the title.

So, to make things clear, I want everything to fall into place not only for me but also for the people around me and the people I care about. To my used-to-be-lovers friends, you know who you are, I want you both to be happy. I hope you can work it through or just figure out what you really want. But if you ask me, I’d want you guys back together.. again.. (Haha last dying wish na ba ‘to? Kinikilig kasi ako when you guys are together eh. Ang sweet lang. Nakakainis! Hahaha So syempre, naging selfish ako.)

Anyway, this is dedicated to that girl,

who was left hanging and has a heart that is the most beautiful art.

Pa-road trip ka naman!

 Right now..

I hope papa gets me one on my 21st birthday!

I just really wanna go on a road trip with my friends. Is that too much to ask? The Batangas trip was 1 year and 7 months ago pa. I know I sound like a brat.

Yes, we should!

I just wanna go on a long drive with the windows down since none of us own a  convertible. Breathe the fresh province air with my hair all tangled up and road trip music playing in the background with a mix of laughter from friends who are enjoying the long ride.

Next time na ang world, sa Pilipinas muna tayo!

Please. I beg you.

I just want to enjoy the free time I have in my hands before looking for work, before everything gets serious.

*I do not own the the pictures and the video posted above*

Anyway, the countdown to my 21st birthday starts tomorrow. Eeep!

Stereo Hearts

I’ve never posted anything like this before and just because I feel like it, I will. And there’s nothing you can to do to stop me! muahahahaha

Here’s one of my celebrity crushes, Samuel Peter Acosta Larsen.

The guy knows how to accessorize.

He gives me the chills whenever I hear him sing. I really loved Glee’s Valentines episode where he was first introduced.

My heart's a stereo; It beats for you, so listen close.
Hear my thoughts in every note, Make me your radio.

There’s just something about him that makes me smile. Oh gosh! I’m such a fan girl. He’s got that bad boy image but clearly he isn’t or maybe I’m just too infatuated to see it. Isn’t he dreamy?

True that, papi!

I don’t usually like guys with tattoo’s, piercings, who are more into fashion than me, and dreadlocks. But just this one time, I’ll make an exception.

“If I could only find a note to make you understand

I’d sing it softly in your ear and grab you by the hands

To keep me stuck inside your head, like your favorite tune

And know my heart’s a stereo that only plays for you”

*Images and video posted above are not mine*