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Stacey’s simple and intimate 12th birthday!

Homemade blueberry cheesecake by yours truly.

Was very proud of the cheesecake I made until these came.. thanks pa!

La Baguette has this Buy 1 take 1 promo every Sunday..

Buy 1

Take 1

Photo op with cake #2

Ah yes, the slicing of the cake..

Mama being silly.

Dig in!

Tita Richelle and Tito Don


IKEA goodies

Because the jewelry storage I wanted from Pottery Barn Teens is just so expensive.. Dad offered to make me one using my own design. Now I have something to look forward to. Hurray!

Anyway, here are some of the cute containers I bought from IKEA.

Had no second thoughts on this. Just had to buy it!

Mom found these first and she instantly knew that I’d love it! I bought it for the design, of course, and for my headbands.

Last set.

I just had to get these as well! The lady was kind enough to give me the ones on the display window. Dunno what to use ’em for but you’ll never know! ;p

They’re originally for spices.

It’s easy to spot the ones I’d like to wear and I don’t have to go through a lot of mess just to get it. It’s small and light.

Twist & Bend

I’m thinking of doing some DIY on these.. adding ribbons and laces or small figures on top of the lids. What do you think?

Let go & Move forward!

Honestly, I don’t know where to start. Heck! If you ask me, I don’t even know what I’m talking about. All I know is I want to LET IT ALL OUT!

Hi! I’m Sheena. 21 years old. Unemployed & living with my parents.

On October 29, it’ll be a year since I graduated. It’ll remind me that I haven’t done anything that would make me proud of myself. It’ll remind me that I just gave myself excuses to be in this state of uncertainty.

I’m not regretting anything though it might sound like it. But.. I’m not happy either. Months ago before coming here to Kuwait, I told myself that by this time I’d have a stable job and be happy with my life. Unfortunately, as you can see, I’m here sharing this with you.

I’m only 21 and I’m already stressing myself out with unnecessary stuff. Oh boy!

I’m 21 and confused. I don’t know where I’m meant to be and what I’m meant to do. One thing is for sure, I’ll get there. Maybe not now but  someday. Hopefully.

I’m 21 and living with my parents. Not that it is a bad thing. Don’t get me wrong okay! I love my folks.. but I chose to leave Kuwait 4 years ago for reasons I can’t explain here. The perks of staying under one roof is that I don’t have to worry about money, shelter, food and other girly must haves. The only thing I want right now is to have some personal space, I don’t get that a lot here. I need some me time, too!

I’m 21 and I’m beginning to think I’m a homebody. I’m not gonna have the same level of energy once I hit the big three zero. So as much as possible I want to live life while I’m still in my 20’s, do things freely without having to think about others. Go to concerts, party after office hours, eat unhealthy food from time to time, take spontaneous trips, explore things on my own and other stuff. I’ve never been given the chance to decide on my own or be involved in decision making. I’m always in need of proving myself not only to my parents, the people around me but to Me as well. For once, that has to change.

I’m not ranting.. I just want to LET GO of the negative things in my head and in my heart and MOVE FORWARD to what is in store for me. I may not know what I want, I may not know what is best for me but I trust and have faith in Him.

Pretty Girl Rock

Kind of getting the feeling that I should stop going to the mall for a while.. Haha!

As early as now, I want you to know that after this post I will be blogging the other items I bought recently, of course, related to this.

And because not all of you have seen me change through the years, from being a young carefree butch to a more image conscious person. Here’s a short story of my still ongoing effort to look better:

When I turned 16, I started trying to fix myself.. the way I looked. During my first year in college, I’d spend at least five to ten minutes in front of the mirror to put eyeliner and mascara on. Then after two terms of my first year, a friend of mine said I looked like I was dying because in her eyes I was still too pale.

And because of that comment, I had the drive to put eye shadow on. For a while, I had this blue and purple eye shadow phase. Yet another comment arose. Another comment said by an acquaintance. She said, “The colors are good. Next time try to blend them to make it look smooth.”

When I turned 17, I made sure I knew how to blend it already. I also started doing the “winged” eyeliner thing and applying face powder but I still looked trashy. Oh and I had that messy emo(?) haircut which back then I thought was actually pretty cool.

So when I finally turned 18, I pressured myself to act and look like a lady. I started buying more make up, floral tops and girly shoes. I was trying too hard. When I got back from my summer vacay in Kuwait, I thought that that was it! I was almost there but I thought wrong. I still went back to my old ways.. Though to make that year different I had a bit of my hair bleached.

On my 19th, I got my brows done. I sensed that I needed to get rid of that bushy uni-brow. And boy! Trying to be a lady was and is still a drag. This time I needed to focus on one thing before I tried doing something else. I watched more of them make up tutorial videos on Youtube and I tried different brands of make up just so I knew which worked better for me.. I also got rid of my bleached hair and because of that, I got bored of it. Out of boredom, I had an undercut on both sides.

I didn’t know if that was a good move for me considering I have a very round face but what the hell.. It was already done! Some said, it suited me and some said it didn’t. To give it more edge, this time instead of getting it bleached, I had a bit of my hair dyed red.

.. somehow I looked like a tomboy from afar. Haha!

Before the big TWO ZERO hit me, I had my hair dyed to brown for reasons I cannot share. After turning 20, I started using foundation. The neckline of my shirt became more revealing. Chos! I was becoming more maarte. My 5-10 mins of preparation wasn’t enough. I had to at least have an hour or two to prepare.

(17 – 20) Seriously, what was I thinking?

Now that I’m 21, I want to be decent looking. I want to lessen wearing tee’s and more of those blouses and dresses. I want my feet to love heels no matter what! I want to be more confident in myself even if I’m too curvy in four sides. Though, for a change I want to be fit also. I will strive to be pretty inside and out and put a little more effort into accessorizing (It’s a step by step process, so sa susunod naman ang pag papapayat hehe). Naks!

With my mum and my sister.

I think it’s healthy to tell yourself everyday that you’re pretty. For me, it’s an ego booster. So, no hatin’ if I think I’m fly like Keri! Haha

♪♫♪ “If you know it too then ladies sing it with me” ♪♫♪

Sale season

I came to Kuwait just in time for the SALE SEASON! Woohoo!

I’m not making this post to show off but to share with you our good finds from our favorite stores like Bath & Body Works, Victoria’s Secret and River Island.

So to you girls who loves shopping and the sale season like me, hurry up and hit the malls while there are still great items on stock.

Here’s my mom and my sister’s shopping spree at Bath & Body Works:

My mom and sister went crazy over Bath & Body Works. They took so long in there, an hour wasn’t enough. Girls will be girls!

As you can see, I like this shower gel because it has a cute design.

The tube container of this moonlight body cream is just so pretty. I just love the mixture of the colors.

I like Bath and Body Works’ products. They have pretty good scents that don’t make you nauseous and they actually last.

I’m a sucker for scented candles. So when we tried B&BW’s, I was impressed. We fry a lot at home and seriously, it feels as if the exhaust fan isn’t working, the smell stays. But when we use the B&BW’s scented candles,  it eliminates the smell. It becomes more soothing to the nose.

So moving on to the next items..

I bet you know what store this is! 😉

Oh yeah. You got that right!

Girls went gaga over VS as they marked down to really good prices. You can see almost every girl in the mall carrying a Victoria’s Secret goodies bag. I mean what’s not to love from VS?

Though some of their bags and wallets that they have included in the sale, which I really like, were still a bit too expensive. Well for me, at least.

Because I’m too infatuated with the make up kit, I didn’t bother to include the VS lotions in the picture. Hahaha

I was very excited to take it out from the box and show it to you guys!

It has a lot of pa-tweetum shades. Hahaha (Na-linyahan ng sister ko yung lip color!)

I’ll show you a picture of me when I use this VS make up kit. I’ll make a review about it soon! Super psyched!

Now here are my River Island loots!

Isn’t it cute? Blair Waldorf lang ang peg.

Headband. Before this year ends, I’ll learn how to accessorize.

So how about you? What are your great finds this sale season that you’d like to share?

VLOG #1 No Hatin’

Hahaha natatawa ako sa sarili ko habang ginagawa ko ito with my sister, Stacey. Andaming kong sinabing mali! Kainis! Hahaha Andaming effects! Ang saya lang..

May na-skip pa na part! Haha Aayusin ko na next time!

BTW, 11 years old lang pala ang sister ko haha

DAY 12

Yes. After 3 long years, I’m finally back home. Living with my parents. Sharing the room with my sister. Although, I kind of miss having my own personal space.

Anyway, during my first night here in Kuwait, after my family picked me up from the airport and after having our family dinner.. dad drove us around Kuwait City. With all the changes from the roads to the buildings, Kuwait seemed unfamiliar to me. It was as if I’ve never been here before.. Hahaha

Turistang turista lang ang peg ko, teh?

I’m happy to be back here. I get to eat the food that we don’t have back in Manila and I get to go shopping with my mom and sister but in exchange I have to do the household chores. Booooooooooo!

I won’t lie to you.. I miss Taft. I miss my unit. I miss being free. I miss drinking with my friends. I miss the typhoons.. Haha!

I have not contacted any of my friends yet. But I will.. Soon! I just want to spend more time with my family for now..