In between the celebrations, I also got the chance to hang out with my HS friends from PIES. We bonded for a week! No joke.

Day 1:

Because I couldn’t go meet them in Trinoma. They came over to my pad instead.. Oh and that’s Jacobe with make up on hahaha

Day 2:

The next day, over lunch, the girls decided to be spontaneous.

Night swimming at Bosay Resort, Antipolo!

Day 3:

We were there til 6am!

As Rhoda was too tired to drive we decided to rest at Jonas’ place for an at least an hour. We had breakfast there, too!

But things didn’t go as planned..

This is what happened after eating the food that Jonas cooked and served..

We just had to.

Day 4:

We slept over at Jonas’ place. We started the day right by drinking GSM blue.  However, Jacobe had to leave early because he had things to do back at home and we couldn’t persuade him to stay.

Day 5:

We could have stayed another day at Jonas’s if only he and his mom didn’t have to be somewhere else that day..

Our last day at Jonas’ humble abode! 😦

After pigging out we headed over to Krystel’s house in Pasig.

Because we had nothing better to do..

Went to McDonald’s in/near Tiendesitas..

Day 6:

We left Krystel’s  at 2 something in the afternoon. We were all in a hurry because we had other plans that day.

Day 7:

Rhoda, Krystel and Ria came over again to swim at my place.

Vain eh. Oh and that drawing over there was drawn by Krystel’s friend. Breath taking, isn’t it?



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