Hey guys!

I know I’ve been on hiatus ever since the countdown of my birthday. Just so you are informed; my birthday went well… Thank you very much! I spent it with some of my close friends from college. We had dinner at Super Bowl and watched 21 jumpstreet at Glorietta.

Thank You, Super Bowl! 🙂

Thank you Aje for taking the picture. Ehehe

And then after that we headed to the Fort to drink at Bugsy’s..

That’s how we calichorva girls do it!

Dahil sa Tequila yan!

and at Izumi..

Syempre, dapat present si Jack!

Whatta face! Hahaha

Before going home..

So yeah, this year my birthday was simple and different. 

And so was the VAG celebration. But more about that on the next post! Teehee


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