Pa-road trip ka naman!

 Right now..

I hope papa gets me one on my 21st birthday!

I just really wanna go on a road trip with my friends. Is that too much to ask? The Batangas trip was 1 year and 7 months ago pa. I know I sound like a brat.

Yes, we should!

I just wanna go on a long drive with the windows down since none of us own a  convertible. Breathe the fresh province air with my hair all tangled up and road trip music playing in the background with a mix of laughter from friends who are enjoying the long ride.

Next time na ang world, sa Pilipinas muna tayo!

Please. I beg you.

I just want to enjoy the free time I have in my hands before looking for work, before everything gets serious.

*I do not own the the pictures and the video posted above*

Anyway, the countdown to my 21st birthday starts tomorrow. Eeep!


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