The river of dreams

It’s a nice rainy day to just stay in and sit by your window sill, drinking a hot cup of cocoa goodness with marshmallows on top while in deep thoughts about things that matter in life and your feel good playlist is playing in the background.

But since I have no window sill here and my cup of hot cocoa doesn’t have any marshmallows, I’m going to blog instead as an alternative, that is while I’m waiting for this game that I’ve been addicted to recently to refill my energy and no, it’s not Tetris battle.

Anyway, just in case you are wondering why I haven’t been posting anything new this month is just because I’ve been busy. Busy doing what? Freelancing and socializing. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t found the time to even draw in my journal/portfolio book for the month of March. But no worries, I will bomb you with random posts so heads up on that!

One more thing before I end this post… Is there anyone out there who will gladly give me a list of 90’s hits and feel good songs. I really need to update my playlist. I’ve been too much of a California girl with teenage dreams, lately. If you get what I mean.

So here’s what I’m listening to now thus the blog title, oh yea:

And here are a few of the pictures I took.

Manila, Vitocruz – Taft is crying its heart out:


*The pictures posted above are mine*


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