Still pogi at 23

(Late post, what’s new? Was gonna end February by posting this but I was too busy to even bother.)

So, basically, Louie’s party was the highlight of my February. Such a fun and crazy night! Well, it’s always that way whenever it’s Louie’s birthday. Pero mas wild ang party last year! Well for me at least. haha! For real.

Happy Birthday, Louie! Hope you like your JB birthday cake.

Louie, I hope you do know how much effort we put into those cakes we bought from Ministop. We couldn’t find smaller birthday candles for your little heart shaped cakes. (Dapat nga yung mas makakapal pa ang bibilhin namin pero mas mukhang pampatay yun haha jk lang!) Oh and just to get it customized as a JB cake, we had to cut the first page of the songbook. What a waste of 20 bucks. So you see that is how much we love you. Heehee

A collage of the people who went to Louie's party.

For those who I’ve forgotten to include in the collage, I’m so sorry.

Canda vs. Estranero

Somewhere in the middle, there was showdown between Louie’s brother and our dear friend, Rap Sheyt! Intense

By the end of the night, You can say it was pretty wild.

You know you had fun if you hooked up with someone in the party, you got cake all over your face, you forced people to do something, taking pictures after incidents you didn’t expect to happen. So, judging by the pictures, you can already tell how the night went. SUCCESS! Haha

(L-R) Axle, Ern and RapSheyt

(L-R) Pawi, yours truly, Jonah and Ciarra

Pawi & me

Wala eh! Ganun talaga pag vain. Haha!

Happy Birthday once again, Louie. Had a blast! Next year ulit!


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