Victoria’s loft!

Well, actually it’s Marie’s! Hehe

On my previous post, I said, “I hope Marie uploads na the pictures of her loft. Something you should look forward to! Trust me!”. Well here it is now, I’ll give you a quick and free of charge tour of the place. Oh and credits to Marie for the pictures, btw.

Hello there! The kitchen area with the breakfast/dining table. P.S. I love the color of the refrigerator, ang ganda lang sa mata.

Lovely chair, isn't it? So chic.

The light above the breakfast/ dining table.

The living room area with red, black and white motif. The dim lights add a dramatic effect to it. Love it!

And once you go up the stairs, you'll see the oh so berry pink room. Haha! Very girly, indeed!

This is the other side of the berry pink room.

And outside the room you'll see the "family room". Flat screen TV, DVD player and a huge bean bag that is super comfy to sit on.

I call this the sexy time room. BTW, Can you see the leopard print sheets? Adorbs!

Ah yes, that’s the end of the tour. I hope you enjoyed the virtual experience. Man, I’m funny!

Of course, silly! I cannot let you leave this post without seeing another photobooth picture of us. :))

Anyhow, this loft is for rent. So if anyone is interested, please go to Marie’s blog and look for the “Condo For Rent!” post for even more information. Eheh! Thank you oh so very much.


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