DV1’s mini reunion

On February 18, we decided to have a mini DV1 reunion. If you’re wondering, DV1 used to be my block section during my first year in college where I met these lovely and hella crazy people. They’re a few of my close friends in CSB, despite the fact that after 3rd term-1st year we went our separate ways, met new friends and developed new interests, we still manage to communicate. I’m glad.

So yeah. After having a post on facebook with 100+ comments, we all agreed to have the reunion at Inna’s place. Thank you, by the way! Hehe love the chicken, the pizza, the hash brown.. Man, I can go on an on and on.. So, to start it off.. here are the drinks we drank and what got Jico drunk! EPIC!

Teenager drinks

Akala mo pang teenager pa ang atay namin! But hey! I'm not saying we're old na haha

After eating, we decided to play King’s cup.. A drinking game that makes me very nervous. It requires you to be alert as it gets you drunk and if fate is not by your side, you’ll end up drinking what’s in the cup that is if you get the last “King”. Thinking about it makes me sick! But whatevs! It’s fun naman!

Joaqs was the first one to lose in the King's cup game. I don't really remember what else is in there but I'm positively sure it was mixed with KETCHUP! Yum!

That night was was just perfect. Drinking like there’s no tomorrow with close friends and talking about the things we did in the past that we do not regret now but rather find it funny as to why we did such things. WHAT WERE WE THINKING MOMENTS! Trust me, each one of us will never hear the end of those stories.

By the end of the night we have this..

Who's drunk now, huh?! Hahaha

Before he got to that state..

(L-R) Joaqui, Gilbert, Carlo, Jico (still okay) and Aje, the boys from the other side of the room.

(L-R) Jenny, Tina, Inna and Aa (Joaqui's girlfriend) SIX TO THE CHICKS!

Their turn to drink the Jagermeister and it's also Gilbert's first time to drink alcohol, ever! Oh and that's Nicolai over there, Jenny's boyfraaaaan. Ahihi

I dunno what Gilbert was up to.


With Tina, the pretty girl, and ever so gago na Carlo! Hohoho!

The rest is history. Hopefully in the next reunion we’ll be complete na. The more the merrier!

* Thank you Aje for the awesome pictures. Luff yew!* 


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